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I'm vegan and all of the things I make are too. I want to invoke the sense of wonder and intrigue that antique or unethical curiosities provide but without the death and distruction.

All of my items are gift wrapped and posted in plastic free packaging. Even my little free pin badge is plastic free (the clear film is made from a biodegradable material)

I use acrylic felt and polyester stuffing (which are all vegan) but as technology improves I am transferring across to more sustainable fabrics. As my stock of fabric is depleted I am replacing it with "Kunin" Felt and "Rayher" Stuffing, both of which are made from recycled plastic bottles.


I have been involved in activism with various groups, including Extinction Rebellion and a local project called "a:dress" which is highlighting how fast fashion impacts both the environment and women around the world.

Click here to visit the a:dress Instagram

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